Up Coming Beta Testing.

We are proud to announce, We are planning to start public beta testing in late January of 2018, After a year of hard work we feel the software is ready for public beta testing so keep an eye of the download page for the installer.

The New Thurktech Antivirus Lite 2018 Version will be tested ready for its public release in early 2018 with many new updates in the running soon after including our new “Nano client” and new defense software.

John Thurkettle ( Lead Programmer ) Said “Its the culmination of 3 years of work, designing, developing and defeating problems, All leading up to this moment, Is my work finished? it will never be finished with the ever-evolving threat landscape, there will always be new things to do and new threats to stop. I just hope we can make a difference. ”

So there you have it, folks, Once again keep your eye out for the beta test download button.


Up Coming Beta Testing.

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