Delays and a preview of our antivirus.

Today we are sad to announce delays to our planned antivirus release . As many of you Tech savvy readers many know antivirus software runs on a core system of scan engine and drivers due to windows architecture drivers require signing with a driver signing certificate to allow them to run with out disabling security features, The disabling of the security features need to be disable to run the antivirus leaves the computer at to higher risk of becoming infected, due to this we are delaying the product release until we get the certificates issued to us.


How long will this take ? 

We are unsure exactly how long it will as we have contacted the company issuing the certificate and they are working on it. So it is out of our control at the moment.

Will this effect the beta testers ?

This should not effect the private beta testers as there copy was never signed to begin with. i would take this opportunity to reinforce that all testers should be running this product in a virtual machine and not on there host machine.

To end on a lighter note here is a preview of the antivirus for the public.

Thurktech Press Team

Delays and a preview of our antivirus.

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