ThurkTech Scanner API – Release Beta 0.1

We are proud to announce the release of ThurkTech Scanner API Beta 0.1 for public download and testing.

Behind The Scenes

We have been working on this project for a few months to encourage programmers to learn about detecting malware. The project was lead by our head┬áprogrammer “J Thurkettle”, He state when pitching the concept that “He found it difficult to find any useful examples of basic antivirus or scanners available to the public” and that he would like to start the project to help interested individuals get a started on the ladder of programming antivirus software.

Head programmer J Thurkettle Create his own YouTube series in which you can create a simple example of an antivirus or antivirus scanner and after seeing the success, Pitched the idea to other members of staff.


The API Currently has 2 main function Scanning Process for suspicious Portable executable’s and Scan files for the commonly used file extension spoof. in which a filename has the “LeftToRight” character inside before the legitimate file extension, Making the file appear as if it has a different file extension commonly “.jpg”.

Why Not A YouTube Video ?

When Asked head programmer john said “Teaching a new programmer how to detect the spoof attack would have taken several episodes, With no guarantee that the programmer would understand the code full. The best idea is to make a simple API Which new programmers can simple call the Pre-build function and see the result. ”

Stay Tuned for my updates and releases.

Thurktech Press Team.




ThurkTech Scanner API – Release Beta 0.1- Now Available for Download

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