About Us

ThurkTech is a small startup out of the east of England, Started by John Thurkettle in early 2017. ThurkTech is aimed at providing the cutting edge of new developments in the antivirus, anti-malware and software development, We do this with our fresh innervation of new methods of detecting malware groups, leading to less coding and a higher detection with high reliability.

Our Goals

Our goal is to produce software, Where any user can use, adapt and rely on, By providing different interfaces for different user types, We aim to provide a product that can be universal, simple settings will allow users to see a small number of setting or for more experienced users see and use all settings. Ensuring users who have experience do not feel frustrated with little to no ability to configure then software. This also gives users with little, no experience or understanding, The choose to simply hit run and know that the recommend setting are running and most importantly they are protected without being overwhelmed with setting laced with jargon.

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