TT Rar Cracker 1.0 Beta Launched

TT Rar Cracker Release version 1.0 Beta

We are glad to announce that we are releasing TT Rar Cracker version 1.0 beta publicly.

This utility is designed to be simple and easy to use utility to recover forgotten or lost Rar archive passwords using a brute force attack to sequentially attempt password combinations within user-defined perimeters.

Simply select a Rar archive and define the settings like password length and possible password characters and click start, using save progress the process can be stopped and started as needed.

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We expect the forum to be offline until the 12/03/2020. Customers are advised to contact us via the email address sent out within the emails notification that the forum would be offline for upgrades.

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Thurktech Scanner API Released

Thurktech Scanner API Released

ThurkTech Scanner API has this week finished its trial run, Due to the success of the test week we are continuing the release process. While this is under way we will being leaving the Beta 0.1 version able for public download, We feel this will allow users to get a handle on the API and its uses.

To Help people that has little, no knowledge or inexperienced users at programming and Antivirus software. We have Produced a short video on Downloading, build and simple use of the Scanner API via the demo project.


Download Link Here

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ThurkTech Scanner API – Release Beta 0.1- Now Available for Download

ThurkTech Scanner API – Release Beta 0.1

We are proud to announce the release of ThurkTech Scanner API Beta 0.1 for public download and testing.

Behind The Scenes

We have been working on this project for a few months to encourage programmers to learn about detecting malware. The project was lead by our head programmer “J Thurkettle”, He state when pitching the concept that “He found it difficult to find any useful examples of basic antivirus or scanners available to the public” and that he would like to start the project to help interested individuals get a started on the ladder of programming antivirus software.

Head programmer J Thurkettle Create his own YouTube series in which you can create a simple example of an antivirus or antivirus scanner and after seeing the success, Pitched the idea to other members of staff.


The API Currently has 2 main function Scanning Process for suspicious Portable executable’s and Scan files for the commonly used file extension spoof. in which a filename has the “LeftToRight” character inside before the legitimate file extension, Making the file appear as if it has a different file extension commonly “.jpg”.

Why Not A YouTube Video ?

When Asked head programmer john said “Teaching a new programmer how to detect the spoof attack would have taken several episodes, With no guarantee that the programmer would understand the code full. The best idea is to make a simple API Which new programmers can simple call the Pre-build function and see the result. ”

Stay Tuned for my updates and releases.

Thurktech Press Team.




Delays and a preview of our antivirus.

Delays and a preview of our antivirus.

Today we are sad to announce delays to our planned antivirus release . As many of you Tech savvy readers many know antivirus software runs on a core system of scan engine and drivers due to windows architecture drivers require signing with a driver signing certificate to allow them to run with out disabling security features, The disabling of the security features need to be disable to run the antivirus leaves the computer at to higher risk of becoming infected, due to this we are delaying the product release until we get the certificates issued to us.


How long will this take ? 

We are unsure exactly how long it will as we have contacted the company issuing the certificate and they are working on it. So it is out of our control at the moment.

Will this effect the beta testers ?

This should not effect the private beta testers as there copy was never signed to begin with. i would take this opportunity to reinforce that all testers should be running this product in a virtual machine and not on there host machine.

To end on a lighter note here is a preview of the antivirus for the public.

Thurktech Press Team

Announcement – We Have Moved!

We Have Moved!

We here at the Public Relations Team for and are proud to announce, We have move to our final location. In the next few days, We will be bring all the systems back online in preparation for the product release, Within the next few weeks.

We would like to thank the great community over at for supporting the development over the last year and a half, The development has not been without some issue and challenges along the way, however our leader programmer has been great and we wish “John” a great big thank you for your hard work.

Product Release

Release Date : 22 February 2017

We are planning to release the “Thurktech Antivirus Lite” on the 22 February 2017, We may Release it at a sooner date for Beta testers or for VIP’ But as of yet we have not decided the exact date for the VIP and Beta testers release as many beta testers are currently running the release copy already.

Keep up to date and keep checking in .

PRT (Public Relations Team)